the awful tale.The whol●e details of the termination of the first oc●cupation of Cabul are both dreadful and ▓humiliating.All told, some twenty thousa▓nd human beings actually perished in th●e retreat.Thus, with Sale shut up● in Jellalabad, Ghazni retake●n by the Afghans and its garr●ison butchered, and Nott in Candahar, the● new year 1842 dawned. To restore a pres●tige damaged as much by general incapa▓city as by loss, the army of re▓lief, or of “vengeance,” a▓s some call it

, though it is difficult to see▓ the fitness of the term, was formed at Peshaw▓ur under Pollock.We had,

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nhabit▓ed by barbarous tribes on the f●limsiest of excuses.We had begu●n the slaughtering “without ●quarter” the hill tribes who defended their● native passes; we had tried to force o●n an unwilling nation the man they hated▓, and who was backed by what they hated even ●more, a Christian army.But “what in▓ the officer is

but a choleric word●, is, in the soldier, rank blasphemy;”284 what ●is patriotism in one case is on the part o▓f others unjustifiable and unwarrant●able rebellion.Even Lord Ellenb▓orough thought the war a folly which migh▓t even prove a crime.But the great go▓d “Prestige” had been

invoked, and Polloc●k

s followed ●b

3rd Light Dragoons, with the 9t●h and 31st Foot.With Nott were s●till the 40th and 4

1st.Pollock again forced th▓e Khyber and relieved Jellalabad●, but had to halt there for some months to▓ organise his transport.Sale●’s defence had been magnificen●t.For five months he had defended a ruined ●fortress racked by earthquake.● So short of regimental off

icers for▓ duty was the 1

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yed, and hence arose the c●ustom in the regiment of the sergean▓ts wearing the sash on the right shoulder, the s▓ame as the officers.58 Shah Sujah was assassi▓nated.Nott defeated the investing ●Afghan army outside Candahar, and ma●rched on Cabul with 7000 men; whil●e Pollock and Sale, aft

er some stiff fight▓ing in the Jugdulluck and Tezeen passes, also ad●vanced, and the collected armies reocc▓upied Cabul. Shortly after, when the pri▓soners taken in the retreat had been re●leased, the army returned to India, le▓aving Afghanistan just as they had found it,▓ but with

a dreadful and increase

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f not●e we brought back were the sacred gates o●f Somnath, which the Mahomedan in●vaders had taken back with them after a succes●sful foray some centuries prev▓ious; but the coup fell flat, and nobody was g▓ratified! Now arose the “tail of● the Afghan storm.” The Ame▓ers of Scinde had openly favoured our enemies ●in the recent war.They were defiant, at ●least, and covertly hostile

.What better cause● could there be for war Besid▓es, they were undoubtedly tyrannica▓l, and alien to the Hindus they governed, or mis▓governed.The Beloochees formed their army and▓ were ruthless.A Beloochee might sla●y with impunity either Hindu o▓r Scindee; there was no redress.Like?/p>

?Conqueror William, the

he 2nd and 17th ▓Foot, an

unting groun●ds; they did not favour commerce, thoug●h they were quite ready to rob t●he merchant of his gains.In this case, at le▓ast, it may be deemed that the end justified the▓ means.European methods of government and justi●ce have converted what was a poverty-stricken ●distri

ct into one of comparati

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s entrusted the co●nduct of the war.There had been a British Res▓idency at Hyderabad, the capital, an●d here Outram, the Resident, was attacked on th▓e 15th February 1843, as soon● as Napier had crossed the Indus and interpo▓sed between the Northern and S▓outhern Ameers, and taken the fortress of

▓ Emaum Ghur.To meet the field army the Brit●ish force was a mere handful, and counted but▓ 2600 men all told, with 12 guns, and w●ith but one European regiment●, the 22nd, to stiffen the rest.Against hi●m, in position at Meanee, were 30,0▓00 infantry, 5000 cavalry, a●nd 15 gun

s, well posted behind th

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ks resting on woods.But Napier

knew th●e value of the initiative, and t▓rusted to drill and discipline against numbers, ●and his confidence was fully jus▓tified.The enemy fought with the utmost ▓stubbornness.The battle opened by the Bri▓tish along the river bank firing at 100 ya●rds, and by the Beloochees wi

th● their matchlocks at

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ank, “they s▓taggered back in amazem

ent at the ●forest of swords waving in their fr▓ont.Thick as standing corn and go▓rgeous as a field of flowers stood the Belooche●es in their many-coloured garments ●and turbans; they filled the broad, deep bed o●f the ravine, they clustered on both ban●ks, and covered the plain

beyond.G●uarding their

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they shook their sharp s●words, beaming in the sun, their shouts r●olling like a peal of thunder, as with fr●antic gestures they dashed forward, wi▓th demoniac strength and ferocity, full against ●the front of the 22nd.But with shouts ●as loud and shrieks as wild ▓and fierce as

theirs, and hearts as bi

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rs met them ●with the queen286 of weapons, the musket, a●nd sent their foremost masses rolling bac●k in blood.” Still the struggle ●continued, but not for long.Nearly all the ●European officers were down, twenty w▓ere killed or wounded, and then the cavalry we▓re let go.The

enemy had held his groun